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Arash Parsania, since 1991 known as ARASH, is an Iranian-German composer of electronic, dance and orchestral music.

ARASH is born on April 4th, 1972, in Teheran/Iran.

After spending a couple of years with his family in Paris/France, he returned to Iran as he was 7 years old, just a few months before the Iranian revolution begun. ARASH could start playing music for the first time in the age of 16, after relocating to Germany, as playing and listening to music was not allowed in the Islamic Republic. Since that time electronic musical instruments play the most important role in his music. Three years later, in 1991, Arash released his first studio album ‘Corpus Pineale’.

ARASH is one of the first Iranian composers of pure electronic music.

After releasing Corpus Pineale, ARASH continued composing music, but he did not release his compositions for the public. 1994 ARASH released a CD ‘ARASH - The Compilation’, a selection from his work until this time.

Electronic music became more and more popular because of the popularity of techno and house music. 1998 ARASH released a Single ‘freeze’ and published the next compilation album of his previously unreleased music ‘Dance Traxx 1992-1998’ containing electronic instrumental and vocal based dance music. One year after releasing other Dance titles ‘!s Back’ and ‘control me’, in the year 2000 ARASH got back to his roots and released another single track ‘Synphonic’, which was a mixture of Orchestral, Electronic, and modern Techno Music.

2010, after a longer break, ARASH released a new studio album ‘Yearning’, the first album after ‘Corpus Pineale’.

2015, five years later, ARASH has released a new studio album ‘Creation’. Creation consists of seven parts, from ‘The First Tablet’ through ‘The Seventh Tablet’, which brings the worlds of Orchestral and Electronic Music together.

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